NBA 2K17 Tricks: Shot IQ, Get +1 Intangibles,Draw Foul

  • When it comes NBA 2K17, How to increase your stats fast in NBA 2K17? There are a YouTuber named Shirogan5 and he has just found out an exploit that allows you to quickly raise certain attributes during live practice sessions. Apparently, this isn't a way to boost your MyPlayer, hence, the need for yourself take risk and use a legitimate way. NBA 2K17 gameplay is the latest 2K series game, before many players are already awaited so long, now it's time to buy NBA 2K17 MT .


    The process is very simple. First, get your Doin’ Work meter up to maximum by doing drills. In the video, Shirogan5 did some vertical jump exercises to quickly max it out. Once this is done, head to court and make your way to the free throw line. Press down both L2 and R2 to initiate the Beat the Pro drill. 

    Once it starts, quickly hit the start button and select yes to cancel the drill. Doing this three times will get you a +1 increase to a random stat. Just repeat as necessary until you’re satisfied with your gains. According to players who have tried the bug out, the four stats you can increase are: Intangibles, Shot IQ, Draw Foul, and Hands. 

    They’re not exactly the most useful attributes, but it is a quick and easy way to boost them to 99 without much effort. These increases are permanent and carry over to MyPark as well. On Reddit, a user named AsPeHeat gave another tip to make the process even more efficient.

    “Bonus tip: Do this in team practice. The coach will say, ‘Alright, now it’s time for beat the pro,’ so as soon as you hear him starting to say it, you can exit to shootaround. Makes it much faster.”

    According to 2K Sports confirmed, the glitch need to a patch, hence, you can make use of it, For more NBA 2K17 tips and tricks, keep it right here on U4NBA